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Tweezerman Beauty Tools

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Tweezerman is probably THE most respected brand for beauty tools and is used by beauty professionals and celebrities all over the world as well as by us in the home. Their ranges of Tweezers, other face tools and hand and foot implements are of exceptionally high quality which last and do the jobs they are designed to do, these being some of the reasons as to why they remain so very popular.

Their ranges of stainless steel implements have won many an award and are regularly featured in beauty magazine’s best buy sections. Tweezerman Tweezers are available in slanted or pointed. Slanted Tweezers being the main workhorse for plucking and shaping eyebrows with the pointed versions being used for more precision eyebrow taming for shorter, finer hairs, ingrown hairs (and even splinters).

This timeless brand has been available since the 1980’s when it hit our markets with the very first tweezing product called a Splintertweeze (forerunner of the famous Tweezerman slant tweezer). The main reason as to why it became an instant hit, is the same reason why it is so popular today – perfectly aligned hand filed tweezer tips which grab hairs effectively first time every time.

Other popular Tweezerman beauty tools include the Eyelash curler, magnifying hand mirror, manicure implements, nails clippers and scissors and callus shavers and foot rasps.

Let Tweezerman, the must have tweezer and beauty brand, help you look your very best, after all you deserve it!

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