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Tisserand Aromatherapy Skin & Body Care

3-Step Ritual to De-Stress 3-Step Ritual to De-Stress £11.95 Free Delivery 3-Step Ritual to Energise 3-Step Ritual to Energise £11.95 Free Delivery 3-Step Ritual to Sleep Better 3-Step Ritual to Sleep Better £10.99 Free Delivery Aroma Spa Diffuser Aroma Spa Diffuser £29.90 Free Delivery Citrus Escape Reed Diffuser Citrus Escape Reed Diffuser £11.99 Free Delivery Cold Pressed Argan Oil Cold Pressed Argan Oil £5.92 SPECIAL OFFER Free Delivery Day & Night Aromatherapy Roller Balls Duo Pack Day & Night Aromatherapy Roller Balls Duo Pack £10.99 Free Delivery De-Stress Wellbeing Duo Gift Set De-Stress Wellbeing Duo Gift Set £12.90 Free Delivery Energy Mist Energy Mist £10.99 Free Delivery Energy Roller Ball Energy Roller Ball £6.99 Free Delivery Everyday Wellbeing Essentials Everyday Wellbeing Essentials £10.60 Free Delivery Focus Roller Ball Focus Roller Ball £7.99 Free Delivery

Tisserand have a lovely range of skin and body care products which all meet their exacting standards. Standards that include - they do not ever use any synthetic fragrances and at all times use the aromas provided by pure essential oils. In addition they say a big ‘no’ to SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulphate)/SLES (sodium lauryl ether sulfate) which are petrochemical detergents and foaming agents and use alternative products derived from natural products such as coconut oil. Parabens are also not present in any of their products which can be irritating to the skin. Further they do not use any animal derived ingredients, nor test any of their products on animals and don’t include anything else which they consider to be unsound. Finally they try where possible to use organic products. So a jolly good bunch really!

Choose between Tisserand’s bath oil soaks, solid soaps, hand cream and lotions for all your aromatherapy skin and body care needs. Great for enhancing well-being and enjoyment. Makes perfect gifts too.

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