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In the world of self tanning everybody has heard of the St Tropez brand. When self tanning first started becoming extremely popular in the 1990’s they were one of the very first companies to start selling both professional salon and at home self tan products and kits. Since then St Tropez have become market leaders and experts in this field, putting years of research and development into producing a fine range of self tan products with natural looking results including lotions, mousses, and sprays endorsed by celebrity users who do not accept anything less than perfect results.

With the links between sun exposure and premature skin ageing and skin cancer, fake tans have become the alternative choice for those of us who wish to have all of the looks of a natural looking tan without the associated risks.

The application of St Tropez to the skin results in an interaction between amino acids already present in the skin with the core active ingredient DHA (dihydroxyacetone) which is a type of colourless sugar. It is this reaction which produces the temporary change in colour giving you your self tan. The other colouring ingredient within the St Tropez formulation is the inventive addition of something called Erythrulose (derived from raspberries) which is the part, which as well as being moisturising, that develops the colour more slowly which means you have a longer lasting tan which fades in a more even way and is more natural looking. The formulas are also combined with aloe vera to help prevent skin dryness often associated with some of the cheaper brands. Plus cheaper self tan products have that tell tale smell which comes not from the lotion, rather the chemical reaction on the skin, and this is why St Tropez products contain something called Aromaguard™ which replaces the smell with a fresh smelling fragrance and reduces the smell by a minimum of 70%. Another reason why St Tropez is so very popular.

To give a brief summary of the St Tropez range of fake tans it includes:

With top sellers being the applicator mitt, bronzing mousse, bronzing lotion and naturals range.
Follow the application guide carefully to ensure you have the perfect self tan and remember for the basic self tans preparation is everything – exfoliate, polish and moisturise, glove up, apply tan, smooth in, don’t rub, wait for results shower off and nourish! Then you will be all set to go, beautifully bronzed, just as if you have spent a week sun bathing in St Tropez.

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