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Nad's Hair Removal

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The brand “Nad’s” was born in Australia in 1992 out of a mother’s need to find a hair removal solution for her young daughter. The mother was Sue Ismiel and she developed a totally natural hair removal product, which does not require pre heating or any pre treatment, with ingredients she already had in her kitchen such as molasses, lemon juice, honey and vinegar.

So effective was the formulation that family and friends soon became interested as did the rest of Australia and then the World, and the original recipe still today forms the basis of the Nad’s Natural Hair Removal Gel! Nads still strong on family values has Sue Ismiel at the helm, together with her daughters Nadine (is this where the name Nad’s came from?), Natalie and Naomi and collectively they have developed and expanded the range to include wax strips, depilatory creams and other supporting products for pre and post hair removal.

The totally natural Nad’s Hair Removal Gel is designed to work with the heat of the body and is applied directly to the skin (legs, bikini line, underarms and arms), is removed with washable cotton removal strips which simultaneously removes hairs by the roots, to leave the skin hair free and silky smooth and any excess gel is easily washed off as it is water soluble. Try it today and you could be hair free for 4-6 weeks. Different versions of the sugar wax are available for Women and for Men because men’s hair is stronger and coarser thus requiring a slightly different formulation. Both versions extremely effective and natural.

Another very popular Nads product is the Nad’s Facial Wand which is a specially designed, streamline applicator for precision application of the gel to the eyebrows, for shaping, and removing other unwanted facial hair.

If you would rather not have the gel and removal strips separate, then try the Nad’s Facial Wax strips which can be used on sensitive areas such as the face and Bikini areas, or the Skin Body Wax Strips for other areas of the body. These strips have been specifically designed to go around the contours of the face and body and the gel is preloaded onto strips which are gently warmed between hands to activate, applied to skin and then removed.

If waxing isn’t your thing, then try the Nad’s depilatory creams, where the Hair Removal Cream targets the hair shaft to remove the hair.

Another must have Nad’s product is the Ingrow solution which helps release ingrown hairs and calm irritation and bumps.

As Nad’s Australia says - Remove, Soothe, Release, Exfoliate!

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