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Here you will find JASON products for men which are prepared in accordance with JASON’s code of honour – that is to use natural safe ingredients, prepare product formulations which have been subject to rigorous testing, not to test on animals, and to constantly keep on top of the ball game and improve existing products and be innovative in creating new products and exciting new ranges.

JASON lead the way in setting product safety standards, because even though a product is natural it can still be harmful or irritating to the skin. They also put a lot of research into testing so called acceptable chemicals to ensure that they are completely safe to use. Each product goes through a formula approval procedure and then on top of that about 3-4 months of rigorous testing, and meticulous it is – it covers intense changes in temperature and how this affects a product, and its associated shelf life, they also test what happens if the product comes into contact with contaminants, the dermatological side of things obviously, as well as how the product packaging affects the contents. Any label claims too are also thoroughly tested as a necessity and as new ingredients become available on the market or new research on existing ingredients changes then they are quick to react to ensure every Jason Men’s product you buy is the absolute best it possibly can be.

JASON have a specific deodorant designed for men as well as their 6 in 1 range of shaving solutions. Shave Therapy includes a shaving lotion which is an excellent preparation for shaving gently exfoliating and soothing so you can achieve the closest, moisturising shave.

Whilst these JASON products are designed especially for men, the rest of Jason’s product range is equally men user friendly!

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