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Blistex is a well known family brand of lip care products which has been on the market since 1947. So with 60 years of experience, research and development you are sure that they will have come up with the most effective lipcare solutions for you.

The skin on our lips is really quite fragile as it is thin, has little melanin for sun protection, dries out quickly and can suffer from premature ageing. This is why it is really important to look after them. They are so visible as well so keep them looking their best.

Chapped lips can be as a result of cold and windy weather conditions, dry air from central heating or air conditioning, or from the sun or even diet and lifestyle choices. It results in very dry, flaky lips which sometimes crack when you smile as the lack of moisture makes lips tight. Sometimes the skin can also become inflamed and very sore.

One of the key ways to prevent chapped lips is to use a moisturiser to lock in moisture, and shield from the elements such as Blistex’s Daily Lip Conditioner for daily hydration, or for a stronger solution the Blistex Intensive Moisturiser has long lasting and soothing ingredients. Other Blistex options include the Lip Massage to help soften and Soothing Splash for a more refreshing option containing menthol, as well as Medplus for more distressed lips.

One thing to remember though is never peel or pick off any dry skin, or try and bite it off as you will only make it worse! Licking your lips too won’t help as this makes them even drier which is why a Blistex moisturiser is essential and the sooner you apply it the better.

One of the other problems lips have is the dreaded cold sore blister which is actually a virus called Herpes Simplex I. The familiar burning or tingling sensation gives it away so try applying Bistex Relief Cream to help make skin more resistant to outbreaks and soothe blisters with active analgesic ingredients.

Read our lips and keep yours in tip top condition with these great Blistex lipcare products!

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