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Barry M Lip colours come in various forms including matt and creamy lip sticks, lip gloss tubes or wands, lip liners, and lip crayons. As it is Barry M, the colour range is generous with all the latest high street fashions available.

Each lipstick is rich in colour and glides on easily and the smooth formula helps moisturise the lips. The lip glosses are much shinier with less colour depth and texture making them more subtle.

For ultra neat lips with extra staying powder always start with a good base and lip liner. Lip liners can be used to define the lip area, add extra shape where needed and to fill in any gaps. Barry M Lip Liners are firm enough to be able to give the sharp lines needed but then also soft enough so that they can be blended with your finger to help soften the edges for a more natural look. Next apply the lipstick with a lip brush for best results and control.

Experiment to see which colour suits you best, as a lipstick needs to tie in with skin tone, hair and eye colour for best result. As a guide for blondes with light skin try orange, pink, and purples; for dark skin and dark hair try reds and violets for maximum effect; for dark hair with pale skin try browns and beiges; and redheads try coral-red, brown and bronze colours.

Enhance your pout with Barry M Lips!

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