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Barry M certainly has an eye for colour with this impressive range of eye makeup products and has many different items available for Eyes including Glitter Eye Crayons, Mascara, and Shimmer and Super Soft Eye Crayons.

The brand, Barry M, has a good celebrity following and is often featured in beauty magazines as winners of product tests, awards and is recommended often in many magazine reviews.

Barry M Mascaras come in Black, as either a long lasting waterproof version, or the great 3 in 1 version which not only adds volume and length but a curl too. Both are designed to add a bold colour, enhance eyelash length and have excellent staying power, they are good at non-clumping too. In addition there is a gorgeous range of brightly coloured Mascaras to add real statement to your eyes. Try Emerald Green, Shocking Pink or Sky Blue to coat your lashes with bright lasting colour, these too are also designed to lengthen and thicken.

Looking at their easy glide on eye crayons these come as a Shimmer (also suitable for eyes, face and lips), Glitter or Super Soft versions. The Shimmer Eye Crayons have a creamy, light consistency and are available in pastel colours. They can be used by themselves for a subtle sheen to your lids or to add extra shimmer to your other eye makeup for enhancement and a little extra bit of sophistication. Colours include gold, pinks, blues as well as the more unusual and are perfect for daywear.

The Glitter version contains a bit more magic and is designed to add more of a twinkle as each creamy powder stick incorporates fine glitter into its formulation. Colour remains the very essence of the crayon though as this is what people notice most of all, the glitter just adding a little bit more dazzle and help highlight your look. Finally the Barry M Super Soft Crayons come in an array of different colours, pearl or matt, and are designed as an easy way of applying eye colour, each one with the ability to smudge and blend, try the darker colours for your Smokey eyes.

All of the Barry M Crayons are so well designed to go on easy, and can be used to define in their pencil form or they can be smudged around when on for blending if so needed.

Light up your eyes with this fabulous range of Barry M Eye products.

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