Opal London Chinese 60cm Loofah

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Chinese 60cm Loofah

Hands up those who think Loofah’s come from the sea...   Loofah is in fact a vegetable which looks like a marrow. The fruits grow on vines, like runner beans, small ones can be eaten. It’s the dried skeleton of the larger ones that become the husks which are so familiar in bathrooms around the world. For transportation, they are flattened and shipped whole or cut into pieces, which are then fashioned into loofah mitts or pads.

At OPAL LONDON we always uses the best quality loofah from China, where it’s seeds are jealously guarded and not available for export. Good quality Chinese loofah is easily identified by its firm, close-knit texture, which gives a durable, long lasting product. Loofah is grown elsewhere in the world, but its softer, looser texture means it doesn’t last as well. As a commodity crop, like coffee or sugar, loofah prices are liable to fluctuations in the market dependent on the weather and the size of the harvest.

When should you use a loofah?

Use loofah products damp, in the bath or shower a couple of times a week. Using small circular movements to leave the skin feeling polished and refreshed. Use a whole loofah or loofah brush for the back and shoulders and a loofah pad or mitt for clearing the upper arms, and friction massaging flabby thighs to get the circulation going. Good circulation means that the skin is more efficient in getting rid of cellulite-forming toxins. Loofah facial pads are just about the cheapest facial beauty aid you can get – much cheaper than expensive facial scrubs or exfoliating gels - and you can use them time and again.

Caring for your loofah

Don’t forget that loofah is a completely natural product, so make sure it is clean and dry after use and that you store it somewhere dry, or just like other botanics, you can expect mildew!

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