Kiss iEnvy Eyelashes- Au Naturale 02

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Brand: Kiss

i-ENVY Strip Eyelashes

Here you will find a selection of full strip false eyelashes from Kiss's i-ENVY range of premium false lashes (each pack is sold individually and image shown is for example only).  Designs available include:

  • Au Naturale 02 - a good choice for an everyday look.  The lashes have natural length and density with winged outer corners and the lashes are wispy, so designed to blend in with the natural curl of your own lashes.  Lash hairs graduate in length from short through to long for natural looking volume, plus they have a clear fixing band, invisible to the eye for a more natural effect.  Make eye contact!
  • Juicy Volume 02 - is where we start to pump up the volume.  They are short in length, have good density at the lash line and and get more dense as you go towards the outer corner of the eye, and are so designed to make you look like you are wearing several coats of volume mascara.  An eye opener!
  • Paparazzi 01 - choose this lash style for celebrity styled lashes, just like they'd wear on the red carpet.  The lashes are short and dense and have a spaced, spiky look which give an eye lifting length and natural bend to the end of the lashes.  Although we have picked one of the more natural Paparazzi styles these are not really for the faint hearted as they make quite a bold statement. Bat worthy eyes!
  • Diva 01 - are suitable for every day and are designed to make you look like you have been born with fabulous lashes.  They have a natural length and are a good choice for those with straighter, more sparse lashes.  Equally good for adding bold and dramatic statements to lashes for nights out and special occasions.  The eyes have it!

Choose i-ENVY lashes to add sparkle to the natural appeal of your own lashes.  There is a lash style for everyone, from demure to dramatic.  Learn the art of eye seduction with a little help from Kiss i-ENVY false eyelashes.

I-Envy lashes are made from 100% premium human hair which is sanitised and sterilised.  Human hair gives a more natural look and move much more naturally, and blend in better with your own lashes unlike cheaper synthetic versions.

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