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Feeling Beautiful with WWSM

Joan Collins once said ‘The problem with beauty is that it is like being born rich and getting poorer’ and boy, was she right, so that is why we need a little bit of help along the way! Here you will find a number of beauty tools to help maintain, disguise, perk up and beautify.

Choose from some of the top beauty accessory brands from our range which includes Frownies, the ultimate in wrinkle smoothing; Kiss and Broadway Artificial Nails for perfect nails; Opal London for beauty bathing and bodycare accessories; St Tropez for a natural looking self tan; Nad’s Hair removal for unwanted hair and Tweezerman who are known as the beauty tools expert; plus more.

The Beauty & Accessories products section includes nail and beauty tools, bath and shower bits and bobs, everyday beauty essentials such as foot care and eye tools and evening glamour aids.

The wide selection of nail tools has foot care kits, nail clippers, and callus removers for the feet as well as nails files, cutters, buffers, scissors, creams, and stick on nails for hands. For bath & shower select sponges, bath ducks, exfoliating gloves, or a bath pillow and lather up, polish and buff with the range of loofah and body brushes from Opal London.

Self tan essentials include lotions and potions for skin preparation, as well as milks, mousses, sprays, bronzers and tan optimisers. For eyes there is the indispensable tweezers, vanity mirror and eye masks.

Whether you need to pluck, file, curl, soak, scrub or massage you will find the appropriate Beauty & Accessories solution online here!


KISS Curve Overlap Nail Set Long Length (100 Tips) £9.99 Kiss Active Oval 100 Full Cover Nails (MEDIUM LENGTH) £6.99 Opal REFLEXOLOGY Massage & Moisturise Socks £5.99 Kiss Short Square 100 Full Cover Nails Short Square (SHORT LENGTH) £7.99 KISS Maximum Speed Nail Glue 3.25ml £6.99 KISS French Acrylic Sculpture Kit (40 Tips) £12.99 Kiss Active Square 100 Full Cover Nails £5.99 KISS Complete Salon Acrylic Kit £19.99

A selection of Top Brands available to buy online or instore