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Barry M Cosmetics

Be Beautiful with Barry M

This thoroughly British brand, Barry M Cosmetics, was the brainchild of Barry Mero back in 1982. At that time he already had a number of successful beauty outlets in London but his customers were asking for exciting make up colours and more fashionable items which simply were not available at that time. The 1980’s were all about vivid, extraordinary colours and the new romantics, and punk and gothic styles, with their dramatic colourings, were also in fashion and this is what the customers were after. So, given that the demand was there for such products, Barry decided to start making them himself.

The brand has managed to keep at the forefront of fashion, keeping up to date with all the trends and season colour palette changes which has kept them popular. The brand also has a key advantage in that it is based in the UK and Barry M can keep their eye on the ball and react quickly to changes in the UK fashion make-up market at their London based premises and factory. Its location has also managed to keep the prices affordable, and no air miles are clocked up getting the make up over here. That’s not to say the brand is just for us Brits, no of course, when make up is so fabulous it would be mean not to share it with Barry M’s overseas fan base.

Today the Barry M product lines have over 400 colours and a wide range of different cosmetic items including items for Lips such as Lipsticks, Lip paints, Lip Gloss sticks, Lip Gloss tubes and Lip Liners. The Barry M Eye range includes Eye Crayons, Intense Eye Liners, Liquid Eyeliners and Kohl Pencils, Mascara and the marvellous Dazzle Dusts. Moving onto Nails, Barry M has a massive range of Nail Paints including the ever so popular Nail Paint Gift Set.

It is also very addictive, so be warned as soon as you start using this makeup it will be very hard not to collect the lot!

Choose the colourful name of Barry M as your number one choice for affordable fashion makeup and cosmetics. Make every one of your days beautiful with Barry M Make Up and Cosmetics!


Barry M Kohl Pencil Gold No 10 £3.99

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