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In terms of its history one of the first known users were the Egyptians who were using aromatherapy oils in their medicines and formulas and back then these included blends of myrrh, frankincense, cinnamon, and juniper amongst many others still known and used today. At these times the infused oils were used not only for medicinal purposes but for scenting temples, homes, buildings and as perfumes.

China also used oils and burned incense dating back to around 5,000 years ago and one of the fundamental aspects of Ayurvedic medicine from India (dating back to 4,000 years ago) involves the use of aromatic massage with infused oils. Ancient Greeks also used these oils and through further sophistication this saw their medicinal and aromatic benefits to be more recognised. The Romans as well were great oil blenders and sophisticated perfumers however until these times the oils were still infused rather than distilled which separates out the essential oil and ‘pure essence’ and it was the Persians, and a particular physician called Avicenna, who discovered a technique to master this process and from there on in there was much more of a focus on the benefits of use.

Since these times of course methods and uses have become far more refined and have become the ‘Aromatherapy’ as we know it today. This alternative form of medicine is said to aid many health and beauty conditions and can be used in conjunction with topical application such as massage and bath, inhalation and vaporisation.

Here you will find aromatherapy essential oils and carrier oils for blending and massage from the well respected brand Tisserand plus Health Aid, as well as other top branded products which use aromatherapy oils at the core of their products such as Australian Body Care and Thursday Plantation which utilises the benefits of Tea Tree Oil. Other brands utilising the benefits of plant and herb aromatics include Kneipp, Trilogy Rosehip and Arran Aromatics for example.

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Tisserand Organic Lavender Wheat Cushion £17.29 Tisserand Organic Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil 20ml £11.99 Tisserand Lavender Pure Essential Oil 9ml £7.90 Tisserand Ylang-Ylang Pure Essential Oil 9ml £11.49 Tisserand Lavender Pure Essential Oil 20ml £11.99 Tisserand Organic Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil 9ml £6.99 HealthAid Lavender Oil 10ml £6.99 HealthAid Lavender Oil 30ml £10.99

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