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Trilogy Rosehip Oil

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Trilogy was a brand established by two sisters back in 2002 when they stumbled across the marvellous beauty benefits of rosehip oil. An absolute belief in the product, plus a lot of hard work, led them to develop the Trilogy range of natural skincare products behind which stands their convictions in that all their Trilogy products must be ‘Simple’, ‘Pure’ and ‘Vital’.

Each Trilogy product has at the core a blend of pure botanical extract and all formulated to help restore vitality and radiance of skin and to work in harmony with each other.

At the heart of very Trilogy product is the key ingredient of Trilogy Rosehip Oil which is one of the most premium rosehip oils available, achieved through a certified organic extraction process from rosehip seeds, to help preserve all of the wonderful benefits of the oil. Through this careful process they are able to extract its powerhouse of nutrients and essential fatty acids; indeed they can specify the oil to something like 80% essential fatty acids.

The Trilogy certified organic Rosehip Oil has undergone clinical testing which allows the creators to give you evidence of results and also to make cosmetic claims which is not often seen in a natural skin care product.

Our skin is often subjected to all different types of stresses, whether this be the sunshine, environmental toxins, our stressful lifestyles or sometimes from injury. These can of course lead to premature ageing of the skin and skin damage. Rosehip oil is like an antidote to all of this and helps regenerate skin cells and repair damaged tissue. The ultra fine oil is easily absorbed and helps nourish and moisturise, reduce fine lines, scars and pigmentation and helps restore skin’s healthy glow.

Don’t just read about it, try Trilogy Rosehip Oil, and learn to love your skin again.

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