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The name King of Shaves comes from the founders name Will King who started the brand in the 1990’s. He actually designed it in his kitchen of all places after much heartache with other brands which did nothing to help his shaving issues and sore skin from rashes and razor burn.

Mr King wanted to get a really close shave and leave his face smooth and burn free so set out to develop something which would achieve just that. The first product he came up with was the King of Shaves original shaving oil which although bottled in the kitchen was sold out of his back bedroom! Obviously things took off royal style and after much expansion next to hit the production line was Alpha Gel shaving gel and skin care lines and 2008 saw the launch of the UK Azor Razor System to compete with shaving giants Gillette and Wilkinson Sword.

The oil has gone through various refinements during this time, with all shaving products being constantly redeveloped to make them as good as they possibly can be and now there is also a range for ladies - King of Shaves for women which is called Queen of Shaves or now just simply Queen of…

Before shaving always clean your face thoroughly and remember to prime properly with face washes and scrubs to prepare it for shaving – if you prime first you soften the bristles which make them a lot easier to cut. Face scrubs are available to which help remove dead skin cells and in-growing hairs. First stage of the King of Shaves process – PRIME!

Next SHAVE! With the Azor System Razor (also called shaving software) which has revolutionary cutting edge (forgive the pun) blade technology. Designed to give you the best shave ever, shaving closer, lasting longer and actually costing less which is some plaudit. They call it a ‘hybrid synergy’ system which combines the best of disposable razors with the best of performance razors and somehow manages to be more environmentally friendly that other brands. It also has something called ‘Bendology Technology’ which controls the pressure of the blades on the skin with a rubber bumper to reduce nicks and lift hairs for shaving. That together with ergonomically shaped handles, wishbone head for visibility, light weight and Azor S for sensitive skin makes this a real brand to content with. Choose it today and you won’t be disappointed. John Terry, England and Chelsea captain is the brand’s ambassador so if it’s good enough for him..

Finally PROTECT! With the King of Shaves range of moisturisers and balms to soothe and protect from drying out.

For us girls the Queen of.. L’azor! Razor features all of the benefits of the Azor System Razor and come gorgeously packaged as well. No more pinching the men’s versions and no more bad shaving experiences with King of Shaves and Queen of…

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