Prices Fresh Air 6 Tealights - Chef

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Brand: Prices Candles

Fresh Air Tealight Candles

Prices Fresh Air Tea lights helps to neutralise unwanted odours. Each candle contains Odourfoyl™ to leave your home smelling clean and fresh. Available in three different blends (available separately) to help eliminate odours caused by tobacco, kitchens and pets.

Blue coloured Anti Tobacco is fragranced with Orange and Clove to help remove tobacco odours. Yellow coloured Household is fragranced with Orange, Lemon and Thyme to help remove unwanted pet odours. Green coloured Chef's Candle is fragranced with Basil, Patchouli and Geranium to help remove cooking odours. These candles really do work!

candle wax, fragrance
Burn on a ceramic or metal holder on a fireproof surface. If candle overheats and flares, cover with a damp cloth NEVER USE WATER. Do not use in oil burners or food warmers.
Burn away from flammable items in an area free from draughts. Do not put on the tv or any other heat sensitive surface. Extinguish with a snuffer. Do not move whilst burning or when wax is still liquid.

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