Opal Tingli Wire Head Massager

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Brand: Opal London

Tingli Wire Head Massager

This interesting head massager is very effective. Tingli* by name and tingly by nature, this product is intended to stimulate the acupressure points on the head, scalp and neck through the use and movement of the gentle steel wires.

It is simple to use too, all you need to do is hold the purple handle to allow the soft tipped wires to gently massage the top of your head. For the ultimate in relaxation we suggest you get somebody else to indulge your senses. The wires act like fingers and move easily over your head contours to help improve circulation, relaxation and to allow you to simply chill out.

  • The wires are made from brushed aluminium and stainless steel and the size is approx 25cm long.
  • This Tingli* Wire Head Massager from Opal also makes the perfect gift for stressed out executives and for those who have everything.
  • It gives us tingles down our spine just thinking about it!
Hold product by handle and apply wires to scalp and neck with gentle massaging movements. Use in conjunction with partner for best results!

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