Opal Fruits Foldaway Bag (ASSORTED)

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Brand: Opal London

Opal Fruits Foldaway Bags

Fun and very cute these bags for life from Opal are shaped like little fruits and can be folded away when not in use. Assorted fruit designs are available of black and purple Blackberry, red and white spotted Strawberry, and yellow and green Pineapple complete with green stalks – each tote is sold separately so collect the lot! (design selected at random unless otherwise specified).

As they are small and so very convenient they are perfect for stowing in your handbag to pull out at the supermarket, or as plastic bag alternatives whatever the shopping need. Stronger, more stylish and designed to last way longer than a normal carrier bag these shopping aids are a must.
Plus plastic bags aren’t really pc any more, and more and more shops are charging for their use, so do your bit for the environment and use these lovely Fruits Foldaway bags and brighten up your day in the process.
Use in place of those nasty carrier bags wherever there is a shopping need!

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